Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

This fully railed, Single band, closed muzzle speargun allows for quick and easy reloading.  Coupled with the Helix-Power™ Band and 17/64 heat treated stainless steel shaft.

Handle comes with a safety, line release, and built in clip allow for taggin up to the line or for cliping on a fishstringer.

Versatile, Adaptable, and Capable is the perfect description of the HammerHead Proteus™ Speargun.

Accommodate with a single Hawaiian Flopper style shaft (HF model).

» Fully railed barrel.
» Closed muzzle.
» Power Helix bands with Metal Coil bridles.
» Handle comes reel ready, line release, safety mechanism, built in clip and large loading pad.
» Mono shooting line and front-end standard bungee.
» Variety of shaft and spear-head combinations available.

NORCAL & PACIFIC NW - Rockfish & Halibut
SOCAL & BAJA - Kelp Bass, Halibut, & Sheaphead
HAWAII – Menpachi, Alohehole, Kole, & Night Diving
FLORIDA & GULF -Snapper, Porgy, Sheaphead
EAST COAST – Fluke, Tautog, & Black Sea Bass
FRESH WATER – Yellow Perch, Walleye, & Carp


Name Model Length Barrel Band Shaft
Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) HHE0543 34" 22.5" 5/8" x 18" 17/64" x 27 inches
Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) 75 HHE0862 37.5" 25.5" 5/8" x 24" 17/64" x 40 inches
Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) 90 HHE0863 43.5" 31.5" 5/8" x 28" 17/64" x 47 inches
Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) 100 HHE0864 47.5" 35.5" 5/8" x 30" 17/64" x 51 inches

For only one-hounded bucks this functions as my back-up hole gun.  Right on my brother.

— Gary C.

We were just playing around and I screwed a paralyzer tip on, this gun was perfect.  Very surprised at the price.

— Kris T.

Nailed this guy on the wreck of the Proteus of the outter banks in NC.

— Michael P.

hammerhead spearguns

With the HammerHead railgun its rapid fire single band load and shoot no need to wrap.  Its perfect knowing I can get a HammerHead then upgrade the parts that I want.  I am gonna get an open muzzle next.

— Jake C.

Name Model
Proteus HF
Proteus HF, 75cm
Proteus HF, 90cm HHE0863
Proteus HF, 100cm HHE0864


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